khor ii TAAT
khor ii TAAT

KHOR II by TAAT (Theatre as Architecture Architecture as Theatre) (NL/DE)

UK premiere

Sat 8 Sep & Sun 9 Sep

WHAT TIME? Sat: All day (BUILD) Sun: 11-6 (PLAY / SHARE)

WHERE? - Christ’s Pieces

KHOR II is a flatpack Do-It-Together pavilion, built by Cambridge residents as a place to meet, play, share and discuss. The project uses a mixture of theatre, architecture and community, to explore democracy and social cohesion, considering what we can build when we work together.


Representing the city, 20 Cambridge residents will build the KHOR II pavilion over the course of the day, following the manual. These participants have been recruited from an open call and local community groups.

See their progress and watch them work it out over the course of the day, see if you can persuade them to join in, and then come back on Sunday to be part of PLAY and SHARE activities.


On the second day, the pavilion becomes a public space for community-led conversation in two formats. Or make your own?

PLAY Be part of a Do-It-Together performance for up to 36 people at a time, asking ‘How do we relate to each other?’. We provide the script and you take on the roles! 

SHARE A community-led discussion format in the pavilion, inviting everyone to consider how we, together, might reshape our community. Who does this place belong to, what communities make it up, and how might we make our city work for us all? Come along and have your say.

11am PLAY (60 mins approx.)

12.30pm SHARE (90 mins approx.)

3pm SHARE (90 mins approx.)

5pm PLAY (60 mins approx.)

Simply turn up, and be part of it - be inside the KHOR II pavilion at the start times above to join in.

Produced by SoAP.

All KHOR II photography throughout the site by James Stephenson.